Residual Chlorine (Free)

This product allows to measure Free Residual Chlorine concentration in different types of sample including tap water and pool water.

Product Name DIGITALPACKTEST Residual Chlorine (Free)
Model DPM-ClO·DP
Measureing Method DPD Absorptiometry
Range 0.10 ∼ 2.00 mg/L (Resolution 0.05mg/L)
Reaction Time 1 min.
Outer Box Size 165L × 110W × 65H mm
Total Weight 330 g

Reagent Set (Sold separately)

Product Name Model Quantity (pcs./box)
PACKTEST Residual Chlorine (Free) WAK-ClO・DP 50
PACKTEST Economy Package Residual Chlorine (Free) KR-ClO・DP 150
PACKTEST 10 Tests Package Residual Chlorine (Free) ZAK-ClO・DP 10