Total Cyanide

This product requires using Water Analysis Set: Total Cyanide (Model: WA-CNT) for pretreatment.

Product Name Reagent Set for Water Analyzer No.46 Total Cyanide
Model LR-CNT
Measureing Method Picric acid Method
Range 0.10 ∼ 3.00 mg/L
Reaction Time approx.18 min. (Estimated reaction time including pretreamtnet procedure.)
Outer Box Size 160L × 52W × 107H mm
Total Weight approx. 150 g
  • Measuring Range and Reaction Time shown for reference using Lambda-9000. They may be different depending on other types of measuring instrument or spectrophotometer you are using.

Reagent Set (Sold separately)


Product Name Model Quantity (pcs./box)
Water Analysis Set : Total Cyanide WA-CNT 00