Zinc (KCN Method)

This product allows to measure Zinc (Divalent) (Zn2+) concentration in the sample.
When other metal ions coexist in the sample, please use this method for measurement. However, it requires 5% Potassium Cyanide upon pretreatment. (Potassium Cyanide is not available from us)

Product Name Reagent Set for Water Analyzer No.26B Zinc(KCN Method)
Model LR-ZnB
Measureing Method Zincon Method
Range 0.15 ∼ 2.00 mg/L
Reaction Time 6 min.
Quantity 30
Outer Box Size 160L × 52W × 107H mm
Total Weight approx. 150 g
  • Measuring Range and Reaction Time shown for reference using Lambda-9000. They may be different depending on other types of measuring instrument or spectrophotometer you are using.

    When Copper and Nickel ions coexist in the sample

    Please use the following reagent (sold separately) for pretreatment prior to use when Copper and Nickel coexist in the sample.
    Product Name Model Quantity (pcs./box)
    Pretreatment Reagent for Zinc (Remove Cu and Ni) LR-CuNi-RA 40