Nitrate (High Range)

This product allows to measure Nitrate (NO3-) concentration in various samples like industrial wastewater.
Provided Standard Color shows Nitrate concentration value on the top, and Nitrate-Nitrogen on the bottom. Check on the value according to your measuring purpose.
Check on the value according to your measuring purpose.


Measureing Method Reduction and Griess Romijin Method after Zinc Reduction
Range <Nitrate> 90, 225, 450, 900, 2250, 4500 mg/L
<Nitrate-Nitrogen> 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 mg/L
Reaction Time 5 min.

Standard Type

Product Name PACKTEST Nitrate (High Range)
Model WAK-NO3(C)
Quantity (pcs./box) 50
Outer Box Size 165L × 110W × 65H mm
Total Weight approx. 140 g

When measuring the sample containing Nitrite

When Nitrite coexists in the sample, it will give false reading. Please use the following products (sold separately) upon measurement.

♦To check the existence of Nitrite in the sample

Product Name Model Quantity (pcs./box)
PACKTEST Economy Package Nitrite KR-NO2 150
PACKTEST 10 Tests Package Nitrite ZAK-NO2 10

♦To measure the sample with Nitrite coexisted, please use the following reagent

Product Name Model Quantity (pcs./box)
Pretreatment Reagent for Nitrate NO3-RA 50

*Heating Instrument is required.